Hongshan Machinery Riveting Machines, Eyelet Machines, and Automatic Snap Fastener Machines

Hongshan Machinery is a manufacturer of riveting machines, eyelet machines, and automatic snap fastener machines. In addition to the standard machine models, we can configure the machines according to the working parameters provided to meet your most demanding applications. At Hongshan, we developed an extensive product line that now includes a wide variety of eyelets, snap fasteners or rivets machines. We possess the capabilities to design and manufacture machines that utilize high-level operations. Our automatic riveting, eyelet and fastening machines provides complete solutions for our customers.

We are committed to supporting our customers with all of their applications. These include eyelets, grommets, rivets, and snap fasteners attaching. We offer automatic fastener machines, eyelet machines and riveting machines to get the job done correctly. In addition to creating quality machines, we also provide spare parts at any given time.

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